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R 50.00 per month.
R 605.00 per year.

R 200.00 per month.
R 2200.00 per year.

R 300.00 per month.
R 3300.00 per year.

Product Description:

Advertisers are welcome to advertise on on a monthly basis.
Different size adverts are available as per samples above.
Kindly submit your advert for approval with all the relevant details to


Payment Options: monthly or annually as follows:

Monthly rates:

Standard: R 50.00 per month.
Medium: R 200.00 per month.
Skyscraper: R 300.00 per month.
Banner: R 300.00 per month.

Annual rates: includes one month free in the calendar year.

Standard: R 605.00 per year.
Medium: R 2200.00 per year.
Skyscraper: R 3300.00 per year.
Banner: R 3300.00 per year

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